Reinier Langelaar

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  • MA Reinier Langelaar

Reinier Langelaar joined the institute in March 2015. He studied religious studies at the University of Leiden and received his MA in Central Asian Studies from the Humboldt University in Berlin. His research interests include matters of Tibetan relatedness (kinship), social organization, genealogy and origin narratives, and ethnicity. Langelaar's dissertation project focuses on late medieval “clan genealogies” (gdung-rabs), with special attention to documents pertaining to the Phag-mo-gru ruling house that was the hegemonic power on large stretches of the central Tibetan Plateau from 1354-ca. 1480. The research is undertaken within the framework of the overarching interdisciplinary project “Visions of Community” (VISCOM).


  • Langelaar, R.J., 2017. Descent and Houses in Reb gong (Reb-gong): Group Formation and Rules of Recruitment Among Eastern Tibetan Tsho-ba. In: Jarmila Ptáčková and Adrian Zenz (eds.). Mapping Amdo: Dynamics of Change. Prague: Oriental Institute, Archiv Orientální Supplementa X: pp. 155-83.
  • Langelaar, R.J., forthcoming. The Singular Volume of the Rlangs (Rlangs-kyi-po-ti-bse-ru). The Ancestral Records of a Central Tibetan Ruling House (c. 1400). In: Diarmuid Ó Riain, Daniel Mahoney, & Giorgia Vocino. Medieval Biographical Collections. Perspectives from Buddhist, Christian and Islamic Worlds.
  • Langelaar, R.J., forthcoming. Chasing the Colours of the Rainbow. Tibetan Ethnogenealogies in Flux. In: The Medieval History Journal.
  • Langelaar, R.J., forthcoming. Tibetan Ancestral Tales. Group History and Territoriality in A-mdo Origin Narratives (Qinghai, China).
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