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  • Mag. Mathias Fermer

Born 1979, M.A. studies in Tibetology and Classic Indology at the Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, University of Hamburg.

Mathias Fermer joined the Institute in March 2011. His research interests include Tibetan religious history of the post-imperial time (from the 11th cent.), particularly the different traditions within the Sakya sect, as well as Tibetan Buddhist painting traditions and the various aspects of colloquial Tibetan.

His dissertation project deals with the formation and influence of Sa skya monastic communities in the region of Southern Central Tibet (present-day Lhoka) from the middle of the 14th to the late 15th century, covering the hegemonic period of the Phag mo gru pa-s (1354–ca. 1480) that succeeded the Sakya-Mongol supremacy (ca. 1250–1353) of the Yuan Dynasty. It is being undertaken within the framework of Visions of Community: Comparative Approaches to Ethnicity, Region and Empire in Christianity, Islam and Buddhism (400-1600 CE), in short VISCOM.

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