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Institut für Kultur- und Geistes­geschichte Asiens


Apostelgasse 23,
1030 Vienna, Austria
T: (+43 1) 515 81 / 6400

The Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia (IKGA) is a research facility of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In terms of geo­graphic and cultural area, research is done on East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia and Central Asia, which encom­passes the fields of Indo­logy, Tibeto­logy, Sino­logy, Japano­logy, Buddhist Studies and Reli­gious Studies. The research focus at the IKGA lies in the editing and analysis of original textual sources related to the philosophical and religious history of India and Tibet, as well as studies on the religious and mentality history of Japan. Most of the research deals with pre-modern history, attempting thereby at providing a basis for an understanding of the traditional foundations of the thought and action in modern Asian societies.

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New Publications


  • Nina Mirnig, 2018
    Liberating the Liberated: Early Śaiva Tantric Death Rites. With Editions and Annotated Translations of Selected Passages of the Svāyambhuvasūtrasaṃgraha, Sarvajñānottara, Kiraṇa, and Jñānaratnāvalī. (BKGA 96.) Wien: VÖAW, 2018.
  • Mirnig 2018 Liberating the Liberated.jpg


  • Ernst Steinkellner, 2016
    Dharmakīrti's Hetubindu: Critically edited by Ernst Steinkellner on the basis of preparatory work by Helmut Krasser with a translation of the Gilgit fragment by Klaus Wille. (STTAR 19.) Beijing, Vienna: China Tibetology Publishing House and Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 2016 (order online).
  • Sttar.png
  • Daniel M. Stuart, 2015
    A Less Traveled Path: Saddharmasmṛtyupasthānasūtra chapter 2. (STTAR 18.) Beijing, Vienna: China Tibetology Publishing House and Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 2015 (order online).
  • Sttar.png

Andere Verlage

  • Margherita Serena Saccone, 2018
    On the Nature of Things: A Buddhist Debate on Cognitions and Their Object. With a Manuscript Description by Paolo Giunta. (Wiener Studien zur Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde 94.) Wien: Arbeitskreis für Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien, Universität Wien, 2018.
  • Saccone 2018 On the nature of things.jpg
  • Guntram Hazod, Shen Weirong, ed., 2018
    Tibetan Genealogies: Studies in Memoriam of Guge Tsering Gyalpo (1961-2015). Beijing: China Tibetology Publishing House, 2018.
  • Hazod weirong 2018 titel.jpg
  • Elise Coquereau-Saouma, Elisa Freschi, ed., 2018
    The challenge of postcolonial philosophy in India: Too alien for contemporary philosophers, too modern for Sanskritists? (Special issue of Sophia: International Journal of Philosophy and Traditions 57.3.) Springer, 2018.
  • Freschi and Coquereau-Saouma 2018 The challenge of postcolonial philosophy in India.jpg

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