Tāntrikābhidhānakośa I

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  • Héléne Brunner, Gerhard Oberhammer, André Padoux, ed., 2000
    Tantrikabhidhanakosa I: Dictionaire des termes techniques de la litterature hindoue tantrique - A Dictionary of Technical Terms from Hindu Tantric Literature - Wörterbuch zur Terminologie hinduistischer Tantren. (BKGA 35.) Wien: VÖAW, 2000 (order online). (260 S.)
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This book is the first volume of a dictionary of technical terms from Hindu tantric literature, which either are not found or whose technical meanings or uses are not mentioned in the usual Sanskrit dictionaries. It presents translations of the Sanskrit terms into French, English and German, explanations of their meaning and usage in one of these three languages, and references from saiva and vaisnava texts. Apart from the editors the authors are C. Bouy, G. Colas, M. Czerniak-Drozdzowicz, G. Flood, T. Goudriaan, Sylvia Raghunathan-Stark, M. Rastelli, and R. Torella. This volume contains a detailed introduction in French and 557 entries on words beginning with the vowels (a to au) of the Sanskrit alphabet. Three or four further volumes are planned.

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