Jñānaśrīmitra on the Momentariness of Being: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen

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Attention: This page reflects the state of 2005. It is meant for documentary purposes and will not be updated any longer.

The Ksanabhangadhyaya is one of Jnanasrimitra's (ca. A.D. 980-1030) main works. Here he discusses the various arguments against the theory and proofs of momentariness raised by opponent Indian traditions, mainly Nyaya and Mimamsa. The theory elaborates upon the fundamental Buddhist idea that everything caused is impermanent. In this last period of the Buddhist epistemological tradition in India ,Jnanasrimitra unfolds all related topics and problems within the frame work of their logical interconnectedness. A critical edition of the first chapter, Paksadharmatadhikara, together with an annotated translation and analysis will elucidate this subtle and difficult philosophical essay.

This study has been published as:

  • Taiken Kyuma, 2005. Sein und Wirklichkeit in der Augenblicklichkeitslehre Jñānaśrīmitras. Kṣaṇabhaṅgādhyāya I: Pakṣadharmatādhikāra. Sanskrittext und Übersetzung. Wien: Arbeitskreis für Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien, Universität Wien 2005.

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