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In 2005, three important Abhidharma texts previously unknown in their Sanskrit original were chosen for editing in the course of the analysis of Tibetan Sanskrit manuscripts in cooperation with the CTRC. There are now codices unici for all three manuscripts. In accordance with the cooperation agreement with the CTRC, it was possible to find contributors in the context of international subcontracts, as the analysis demands extra projects the number of IKGA employees can provide. These projects are:

Edition of Vasubandhu's Pañcaskandhaka

The codex unicus of the Pañcaskandhaka, a barely readable manuscript consisting of seven folios, was edited by Dr. Xuezhu Li in cooperation with Ernst Steinkellner, most of it during Dr Li's guest stay at the institute. The edition was published in 2008 in the STTAR series:


Edition of Sthiramati's Abhidharmakośavyākhyā Tattvārthā

Prof. Nobuchiyo Odani

One of the leading Sthiramati experts, Prof Odani of Otani University, could be won for the work on this project. The planning process for the start of the project has already begun. Prof Odani is working on the text together with a work group and with Prof Matsuda.

Edition of Sthiramati's Pañcaskandhakavibhāṣā

Dr. Jowita Kramer

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