Translation of the Upāyahṛdaya

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  • Research:
  • Cooperation: Brendan Gillon (Montreal), Shoryu Katsura (Kyoto)
  • Funding: FWF

The *Upāyahṛdaya (Chin. Fang-pien hsin-lun), which is extant only in Chinese, was retranslated into Sanskrit in 1929 by Giuseppe Tucci. Neither the title nor particulars about the text have survived. Tucci believed, as do scholars today, that the work is the Chinese translation of a lost text that was originally in Sanskrit. Recent research has questioned this theory, but these doubts also have no concrete proof. The first translation of the work into English by Prof. Brendan Gillon, Montreal, in collaboration with Prof. Shoryu Katsura, Kyoto, will be worked over at the institute with particular consideration of the contents. This will provide the scholarly community a new basis for discussion that should allow a clearer picture of the origins of this early Buddhist dialectic-logical text.

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