Tibetan Genealogies: Studies in Memoriam of Guge Tsering Gyalpo (1961-2015) [西藏宗谱: 纪念古格­次仁加布藏学研究文集]

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  • Guntram Hazod, Shen Weirong, ed., 2018
    Tibetan Genealogies: Studies in Memoriam of Guge Tsering Gyalpo (1961-2015). Beijing: China Tibetology Publishing House, 2018.
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Table of Contents

Foreword, p. I

The Biographical List of Guge Tsering Gyalpo's Publications, p. 1

Guntram Hazod — Territory, Kinship and the Grave: On the identification of the elite tombs in the burial mound landscape of Central Tibet, p. 5

Hubert Feiglstorfer — Notes on the Architecture of Burial Mounds in Central Tibet, p. 107

Per K. Sørensen — Srong btsan sgam po Revisited – ancestral king, monarchic founder, Buddhist saviour saint and cultural hero: One Body – Multiple Identities, one Identity – Multiple Bodies, p. 153

Li Yongxian — “The Ban of Red Faces” from Tang Annals: A re-examination of “Red Faces” in visual materials and texts, p. 191

Shargan Wangdue — A Study of Sde'u cung Stele at Lho brag (Lhoka), p. 207

Lobsang Thondup — On Narratives of the Life of Gnubs chen Sangs rgyas ye shes, p. 217

Chen Qingying — Skyid lde Nyi ma mgon and his Mnga' ris Empire, p. 237

Tsering Dundrup — A Re-examination of Lha Bla ma Ye shes 'od's Place of Death, p. 243

Toni Huber — From Death to New Life: An 11th-12th-century cycle of existence from southernmost Tibet – Analysis of Rnel dri 'dul ba, Ste'u and Sha slungs rites, with notes on manuscript provenance, p. 251

Yang Hongjiao — Research on Iconography of Murals and Statues in the Yum chen mo Chapel of Zhwa lu Monastery: Focus on the related Sādhanā texts of Prajñāpāramitā ...351

Xiong Wenbin — Investigation Notes on Mural Paintings of Pad ma sdong po Caves, Stong sku Temple and Lo tsā ba Temple, Mnga' ris, Tibet, p. 383

Leonard van der Kuijp — The Bird-faced Monk and the Beginnings of the New Tantric Tradition: Part one, p. 403

Shen Weirong and Yang Jie — Guhyagrabhatantra and the Dissemination of Gsang sngags rnying po in Tibet, p. 451

Liao Yang — The Combination of Five Great Dhāraṇīs for Tibetan Buddhist Consecration Rituals: An observation from inscriptions on tsha tsha in western Tibet, p. 511

Amy Heller and Shawo Khacham — Tibetan Inscriptions at Alchi, Part I: Towards a reassessment of the chronology, p. 535

Zhang Changhong — The Iconographic Program of the Cave Par dkar po in Mnga' ris, Tibet, p. 553

Christiane Kalantari — Drinking for Enlightenment: Remarks on a beer song (chang gzhas) from Western Tibet and its comparative historical context, p. 607

Huang Bo — A Brief Survey of Major Fortresses and Towns in Guge Kingdom, Mgna' ris, Tibet, p. 637

Kurt Tropper — The Buddha-vita in Cave 1 of Dung dkar (Mnga' ris), p. 649

Christian Jahoda — Notes on the Performance and Meaning of the Sherken and Namtong Festivals in Areas of Historical Western Tibet, p. 679

Hildegard Diemberger — The Yogini and the Hidden Valley: Did Kun tu bzang mo open the gate of Mkhan pa lung?, p. 705

Ma Lihua — Listening to the Local Voice, p. 719

Shen Weirong — Remembering Tshe ring rgyal po, the Prince of Mnga' ris

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