Dictionary of Indian Epistemology and Logic

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This dictionary is the first attempt to make the formal terminology as developed in the early period of Indian philosophy accessible. Its aim is to show the historical development of this terminology from the beginnings of systematic philosophical reflection up to the times of Dignāga (ca. 480-540 C.E.) using the following sources: the early Samhitas and texts of the grammarians, texts of the Tantrayukti-tradition of the medical schools of Caraka, Susruta etc. or the Kautiliyarthasastra, the sutras of the classical schools (Nyaya, Vaisesika, Sankhya and Mimamsa) including their early commentaries as well as the texts of the dialectical traditions of early Buddhism. Two volumes of the three-volume dictionary have been published until now (cf. vol I, vol II). Volume III will be published soon.

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