Bibliography of German language publications on Japan

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The aim of the bibliography, which was compiled at the institute, is to collect as comprehensively as possible all texts published since the 1980s in German that are relevant for the field of human science in the broad sense of the term. Studies in culture, society and economics are just as much included as are translations of Japanese literature, literary texts relating to Japan and popular scientific books and guides, such as travel guides, or instructions on leisure art forms of Japanese origin like origami, ikebana and different types of martial arts. Purely science-oriented and technological topics are excluded. The bibliography contains individual books, series, periodicals, monographies, collected editions, academic writings, and exhibition catalogs as well as scholarly articles in journals and collections, though as a rule not newspaper articles. The collected data is managed in an electronic database. Aside from the complete bibliographical details, the individual records also contain keywords related to both subject and person. Keywords are added extensively, which means a publication is not only linked to one but to several relevant subject areas in order to enable interdisciplinary searches. The institute publishes print versions of the bibliography in the series Materials for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia. In the print series, the individual publications follow the „Regeln für die alphabetische Katalogisierung in wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken“ (RAK-WB) and list them alphabetically by author (or by subject title in the case of edited publications), date of publication and title. Additional indexes to the main index, such as a detailed keyword index, an index of persons covered and a name index which lists all persons responsible for the publication, make it possible to search for publications according to subject and person.

Since the ever increasing number of publications on Japan can no longer be monitored with reasonable efforts, the systematic collection of bibliographical data was not extended over 1999. Results up to 1997 have been published in five volumes, an online version allows access to the entire collection of data.

Online Fassung

2016 erhält der lange gehegte Plan, die Bibliographie auch online Zugänglich zu machen, durch eine Kooperation mit dem Austrian Center for Digital Humanities (ACDH) neuen Auftrieb. 2019 wird das Online-Projekt offiziell zugänglich gemacht.


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